Pepperfry Low Price Kitchenware Upto 60% Off – 5 Ltr Stainless-Steel Clip-on Cooking Pot By Prestige At Rs. 2,399 with Bank Discounts & Cashbacks

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Rs. 2,399
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  • Pack Content:: 1 Cooking Pot
  • Dishwasher Safe:: Yes
  • Non-Stick:: No
  • Material:: Stainless Steel
  • Induction Friendly:: No
  • Capacity (in Litres):: 5 Ltr
  • Hard Anodized:: Yes


The tedious process of cooking is made easy with cooking pots and kitchen handis that you will easily find on Pepperfry. You can now make preparing your favourite cuisines easier and faster owing to the smart designs of these pots and handis. Durable, long-lasting and practical, these cooking pots and handis are a must-have in your kitchen. The Clip-On range comes with a wider but shorter pressure cooker body as compared to other variants in Clip-on. The Universal Lid Diameter is 22 cm for this range.The base is induction and gas stove compatible. It is an extra thick Alpha base which is made of good quality Alumunium and Stainless Steel which facilitates faster cooking and hence minimizes gas usage.It is suitable for Saute, Steaming, Frying, Boiling, Deep frying. Due to the attractive design, it is perfect Kitchen to Table utensil for your Kitchen.Transparent glass lid can be used for cooking as well as for placing ladle (Spoon) on knob which makes the usage convenient and hygienic.The Clip-on Body is made of high-quality Stainless Steel which Steel is very hard, heavier and heats fast. It does not rust and retains a shiny look for a long period of time. A one stop-shop for home decor and furniture, Pepperfry sells a home product every 30 seconds.


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