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Digibank by DBS Refer a friend and Earn Rs.250
Digibank Refer & Earn Rs. 250/- each for up to 20 friends on digibank savings account every month.

Validity -
Only referrals and digiSavings openings from 15th December, 2016 to 31st March, 2017 will be gratified.
Referees will be required to spend Rs.500/- on their digibank Debit Card within 30 days of opening a digiSavings account or April 30, 2017, whichever is earlier

Usage Limit -
Offer limited up to 20 successful referrals every month

Instructions How To Avail -
  • Offer is open to digiSavings customers.
  • Transfer money (Re. 1 onwards) to your friend using the ‘Pay through Mobile’ option.
  • Your friend downloads the digibank app to receive the money.
  • Once your friend upgrades to digiSavings, we’ll add Rs.250/- to your digiSavings account (within 15 days of your friend opening a digiSavings account)
[Image: friend_referal.png]

Refer a friend to get on to digibank and upgrade to digiSavings, and you get Rs. 250/-. Whats new!! Your friends also get Rs. 250/- when they spend Rs. 500/- on their digibank Debit card within 30 days. Offer limited up to 20 successful referrals every month

Referral Program:
1) Existing digiSavings customers can earn INR 250 by referring their friends and families to avail digiSavings account.
2) Referee will also be eligible for a cashback of INR 250/- on transacting minimum of INR 500/- or more in one or more transaction on their physical digibank Debit Card within first 30 days of coming on-board digiSavings.

Referral Program Period: December 15, 2016 to March 31, 2017 (both days inclusive). 

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Terms & Conditions For the Referrer -
  1. Only digiSavings customers are eligible for this program
  2. digiSavings customers (hereinafter referred to as the “Referrer”) will be required to make a transfer of Re. 1/- or more using ‘Pay through Mobile” option to prospects (hereinafter referred to as the “Referee”) during the Referral Program Period.
  3. Referee should not be an existing digibank accountholder and should open a digibank account within 15 days of receiving the mobile transfer from the Referrer, else the money will be credited back to the Referrers account. Referrer will not be eligible for any incentive in case Referee opens open a digiSavings account after expiry of 15 days of receiving the mobile transfer from the Referrer.
  4. The Referrer can get credit of INR 250/- for each successful referrals. However, first 20 successful referrals during the calendar month will only be eligible for incentive. DBS Bank Ltd. reserves the right to debit Referrer’s digibank savings account at its sole discretion in case credits posted in a Referrers digibank savings account exceed 20 (twenty) number of successful referrals per calendar month
Referee -
  1. Only Referees sourced through the digibank Referral Program are eligible for this Program.
  2. Referees will have to spend INR 500/- or more in single or multiple transactions within 30 days of opening a digiSavings a/c to earn cashback of INR 250/-.
  3. Debit Card transactions for funding wallets will not be considered a transaction for earning cashback under this program. Only spends on Point of Sale (“POS”) or electronic Point of Sale (“ePOS”) will be eligible for evaluating the spend limit.

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