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HATHMIC 500ml Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed) Offer Deal Discount

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Hathmic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is Cold Pressed which means that it has not been heat treated or refined. Cold pressing preserves the coconut oil’s Natural Goodness. This oil is produced from the finest freshly picked mature coconuts. As the product remains raw during production, nutrients are retained as much as possible,providing an added health boost to your cooking. This nutritionally-rich oil is packed with MCT’s and Lauric acid. Its Perfect, not only for your kitchen but also as part of your beauty range, this multitasking oil is truly a jar of wonders.


HATHMIC 500ml Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed)

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  • 100% Raw,Pure,ExtraVirgin,Vegan,Unrefined,Unfiltered,Unbleached. Goodness for the Earth and Goodness for You.
  • Our oil is Cold-Pressed which means the process uses absolutely No Heat at any stage(classed as RAW food) to retain its Virginity,the Natural aroma,Vital Nutrients and its Composition. The oil is produced from the Milk of Freshly Shredded and First-pressed Coconut Meat of Hand selected Mature Coconuts.
  • Hathmic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut oil is a natural replacement for all processed oils and butter. No Additives / Preservatives.Zero Transfat/Zero Cholestrol/Zero Lactose/Zero Gluten
  • Wide mouth for easy use during winters as Virgin Coconut oil starts solidify below 24°C ,Our Hathmic VCO always packed using Glass Jars for Zero rate of Chemical Interactions which Promises the Virginity Of the Oil.(Refrigerate to enjoy the Buttery, creamy texture during summer).
  • Very high in MCT's and Lauric Acid(more than 50%) .Can be used for Internal Consumption & External Application .MULTIPURPOSE COCONUT OIL - Hathmic Coconut Oil can be used for various purposes such as COOKING,DIETARY, BEAUTY, SKIN & HAIR CARE,MOM & BABYCARE,CLEANING, SHAVING, MAKEUP REMOVER, BODY MOISTURISER, PET CARE and MORE

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