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Turtye Garden Peat Moss 2 Kg'S For Gardening Plants

Rs. 599
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Turtye Garden Peat Moss is a unique organic material that provides gardeners with several benefits, including absorbency, compaction prevention, a sterile planting medium, and its acidic ph. The most important benefit of peat moss is the material's absorbency. Peat moss retains water much better than average soils, which increases the absorbency of any potting mixes and garden soils that use peat moss. Not only is peat moss absorbent, it also does not compact, unlike other organic materials. Soil compaction is damaging to gardens and reduces water absorption and plant growth. Peat moss remains springy when it is wet and rehydrates easily, plus one application of peat moss can last for years. Turtye garden peat moss is also a sterile planting medium, which means that it does not contain harmful pathogens or weed seeds. This, combined with its absorbency, makes it ideal for starting seedlings and is why peat moss is an essential component in most seed starting mixes. (An Exclusive Product from CAMBRIQUE OVERSEAS EXPORTZ)


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